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What You Need

Here’s a list of the things you’ll need to set up a lemonade stand that’s both welcoming for your customers and fun and easy for you.

  • Table. A simple folding table is perfect to hold your lemonade pitcher and anything else you’re selling. Be sure to set it up on a flat surface, in a shady area if possible. No table? A wagon, crate, or other stable surface will work too.

  • Chair(s). It’s easiest to sell when you’re up on your feet, interacting with people, but in case you need a rest break bring out a chair or two—lawn chairs or folding chairs work great.

  • Drink cups. Disposable cups are best, so your customers can take their drinks to go. See Serving Cold Drinks and Serving Hot Drinks in The Lemonade Stand Cookbook for advice on choosing cups. Also see the Washi Tape Drink Cups project in The Lemonade Stand Cookbook for a fun and easy way to customize your cups.

  • Ice receptacle. Fill an ice bucket (with a lid) or a small cooler with ice, and keep it within easy reach at your stand so you can scoop up ice into your cups before serving cold drinks.

  • Paper napkins. Put out a stack of paper napkins on the table, in case your customers would like one. Keep a clean stone or other weight on the stack so a breeze doesn’t blow them away!

  • Money pouch. Find a zippered pouch, waist pack, a small box (one friend likes to use an empty tissue box) or other safe place to hold onto the money you collect. Start out with a few dollars on hand so you can make change, if needed. See Be Safe for more information about keeping your money secure while your lemonade stand is open.

  • Trash and recycling receptacles. Tape a trash bag to the edge of the table, bring a small waste basket from home, or designate another container for your customers to drop their cups, napkins and other items when they’re done with them. If you are able to recycle, set out a separate container for recyclable items.

  • Masking tape. A roll of tape can really come in handy in case you need to keep a sign from blowing away, secure a trash bag to the table, rig an umbrella to stay up—all kinds of situations. Masking tape holds well, and it’s easy to tear without scissors. It’s always best to come prepared!

  • Signs. See Getting the Word Out for our best tips for getting people to visit your stand.

From The Lemonade Stand Cookbook: Step-by-Step Recipes and Crafts for Kids to Make--and Sell!, by Kathy Strahs (Burnt Cheese Press, 2017)

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